Friday, September 28, 2012


Last weekend was spent in Vegas.  Not the normal "The Hangover" debauchery, not for Interbike, and not for CrossVegas.  I joined 22 other people on the Georgia TNT team to ride in the Las Vegas Gran Fondo.  A total of 500 TNT participants at this event raised $1.5M for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This might be more dramatic - $1,500,000.

Some of these people are 'cyclist', some have done more than one TNT event, some many, many TNT events.  But many hadn't been on a bike since they were kids, some didn't even have bikes when the training started.  They did things that their friends and neighbors would never understand or appreciate.  They did things that they wouldn't believe they could do 4 months ago.  

The courage required by these people to undertake the training and fundraising is remarkable. Giving something back, being a positive influence in society, and doing something that makes a difference is rare.  I am proud and humbled by my teammates.

(PS.. if I go back next year, I'll schedule it so I can make it to CrossVegas...)

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