Thursday, June 14, 2012

wind at our backs

As the Boeing 737 started it's descent into San Diego yesterday, the enormity of riding a bicycle across the country that had taken me all day to fly across started to become very real.  Even though I'll be sharing the load with 7 other strong athletes and a full support team, it's still a sobering challenge.

Over the last 6 months or so the team has been planning, training, and raising money for LLS.  We have met and reached out to hundreds of people that have graciously donated to our cause, given us thanks for what we're doing, and wished us godspeed on our ride.

I, and the rest of the Georgia Chain Gang, will do our best to honor those that have supported us.  Those that have donated to LLS to fight blood cancers, the families and loved ones that have gladly loaned husbands, wifes, fathers to this endeavor.  And to the people that didn't have a choice, those who have beaten cancer, those that are still fighting, and those who fought but lost.

The honor and accountability of all these people is not a burden but an elixir.  Continue to keep us in your thoughts, and spread the word.  We will ride strong.  We will have the wind at our backs.

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