Saturday, September 29, 2012


A lifetime ago my passion was cars.  Maybe it still is one of my passions.  Perhaps a persons passion isn't manifest only in the day to day decisions and choices that you make, but what's in your heart.  So... even though I spend my money on other things, cars still hold a soft spot.

Photography is something that I used to be pretty passionate about as well.  I'm slowly trying to integrate some photography into my pretty full life.  The hope is to do more than just let the pixels live as zeros and ones on my hard drive, I want to share them, print them, hope that others might enjoy one or two.

Since I've got a pretty good commute each day, I keep an old point and shoot stuck beside the seat in my car, you never know when you might see something worth taking a picture of.  Just recently I've started using an iphone, and I'm pretty damn impressed by both the camera and the amount of in device power available for processing the images.  But, it can't be brought into play and operated with one hand anywhere as easily as a 10 year old point and shoot camera.

So... here is about 10 months of the pics that have been marinating on the card, nothing here that has already been pushed up to FB or Twitter, all this is new.  In the interest of speed, none of these have any post processing done.  Enjoy... or not.

The DC2 Integra's are great little cars.  This one was clean, not riced up.  Looks good with the 15" Spoons (or fake Spoons).

Big trucks are cool too.  Interesting that this one has no sleeper.  Too bad the old Olympus picked up focus on the windscreen...

GM A body.  Pretty sure this one is a '69, if it is the vent windows make it pretty rare, if it really is an SS.  Too bad about the chrome mudguards...

'69 Camaro's might be a little cliched, but this one looked the part.  Vinyl roof, old plate, nice patina.

2nd generation Camaro's are the one's to have in my book, this one was really clean.

You're starting to see more 240sx / Silvia's.  Plenty of these things around and it's easy to like RWD and potential for plenty of HP.  Like the color on this one too.

Late model Ford Escape with semi flat over EVERYTHING.... kind of interesting, don't know...

 Nicely turned out EK Civic.  White wheels are a plus.

Seen this one a couple of times on the drive home.  Don't know where the bottle caps on the body seam thing started, but I've seen it on a couple of Type 1's in the last year or so.

Early '80s Corolla wagon.  Don't know why but I love wagons, especially RWD Japanese wagons.  Focus on this one didn't snap in quite fast enough.

Everything that is new.. is old.  Like the mirrors on the barends.

Right hand drive 70 series Toyota Land Cruiser.  Don't see one of these everyday.

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