Friday, April 25, 2014

Getting Close

Last night The Georgia Chain Gang had it's silent auction at Ormsby's.  This year is the third time we've had the event, and it gets a little smoother each time.  It was great to see such a great turnout of people supporting the Gang and LLS.  Thanks to all that came out and to the local Georgia Chapter LLS staff who all did a great job in helping this event go so smoothly.  

As I type this, the Gang has raised almost $146,000 this year and over $500,000 for LLS over the 4 years that we've raced in RAAM.  As always, proud to be involved with such a great team for a great cause.

Because of the people that come out to support the Gang and LLS, because of the people who have donated their hard earned money to a cause that they and I believe in, those people and my teammates are reason I get out on the bike or the trainer when I don't really want to.  We're raising money to help people that don't have choice in the fight they're in, the least we can do is suffer a little on the bike.

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