Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tick tock

One month from today I'll be leaving for Oceanside California.  One one hand it seems like only yesterday that I found out I was going to be one of the 8 riders in the Georgia Chain Gang, on the other hand, I can't wait for RAAM to get started.

As I write this the Gang is over halfway to our goal of $200,000 raised for LLS.  I am humbled and grateful by everyone that has helped us with this fight against cancer.  Even with all the advancements in treatment and lives that have been saved over the years, people continue to die from blood cancers.  Don't forget the reason that we're doing what we're doing...

I feel like about 3 or 4 weeks ago I was in a really good spot with my training.  Then... work, life, etc.  The week of the silent auction I went 7 days without getting on the bike.  Wasn't by design, just the way it worked out.  For the last couple weeks I've been able to get some pretty decent training in.  I'm grateful for Garmin and Strava, because if it wasn't for the data logging and comparison to others and previous rides, I wouldn't be too sure about my current fitness.  But, the reality is that I'm pretty happy about where I am right now.  Glad I'm not going to be on a 4 person team though.

With only 4 weeks or so left before the A bike is going on a van, I've got a couple of things to button up.  Need to pull the BB out and give it a clean and grease, might do the same for the HS, basically just a good nut and bolt, top to bottom.  I picked up a Cane Creek/Zipp front wheel and an old Hed Deep rear off Ebay and have been doing a fair bit of riding on them over the last couple of months.  Pretty happy with them, I understand why deep wheels are getting so popular in the pro peloton.  But... the rear has an unknown number of miles on it and has straight gauge spokes, 32 of them.  Not too worried about the Dura Ace hub, but I'm probably going to respoke the wheel and rebuild the hub, just a little peace of mind.

Flirted with the idea of getting a compact crank for a month or so but I think I'm just going to put a 12-30 cassette on the deep wheel and go with it.  I've been running a 12-30 for well over a year now and have been pretty happy with it.  And it's already paid for...

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