Sunday, September 11, 2011


This last week turned out to be a recovery week for me.  Wasn't really planned, life just got in the way.  Between work, kids sport practices, birthday parties, honey do lists, and sleep, trying to carve out even 4 to 6 hours for riding sometimes just doesn't happen.

Cycling, like many sports/hobbies, is a selfish past time.  Time spent on the bike is usually time that has no other redeeming qualities for anyone other than to the person riding the bike.  Time on the bike is time your not kicking a soccer ball with your kids, or getting the weeds out of the flowers, or listening to your spouse unwinding from a hard day at work.

So you get to really appreciate time on the bike.  Time alone with just yourself and your suffering becomes your therapy, your cleansing.  Pushing the poison out for a couple of hours makes everything a little more rosy.

No time on the bike this week was OK.  Life was full, and I got what I need to get done, done.  And there's always this week...

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